Inbound International Payments

Inbound Currency

MENATREX Inbound International Payments

This service has been designed by MENATREX to meet the exporting activity of your business and is aimed to help manage your overseas clients currency payments and market exposure.

Payments are received using an electronic bank-to-bank transfer into one of our receiving currency accounts. This is the fastest and most secure method of receiving overseas funds.

Why Choose MENATREX for your Inbound Payments?currency

1. You receive cleared funds into your account safely and securely

2. Allows repatriation of foreign currency receivables

3. Flexibility and control on execution time. Client decides when currency is converted and sold

4. Reliable, advanced and competitive service

5. Added Value: ensures smooth trading with overseas clients

6. Payments can be received in any freely traded currency and converted into the currency of your choice (e.g. EURO to AED or Sterling GBP to AED or US$ to EURO)

When we receive funds for your account from a bank overseas, we will ensure that the payment is credited to your account on the same day that the funds are made available to us. You also have the choice of receiving and securing client payments and controlling the timing of when you convert your funds back to AED or another chosen currency.

If you wish to receive funds, this way, you should ensure that the overseas payer has the correct currency account and full banking details. You should always provide the payer with your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and SWIFTBIC.